WOUNDCHEKTM Protease Status

Specimen Collection (The Serena Technique)

1. Prior to swabbing, gently cleanse the wound with sterile saline to remove all loose debris, remains of therapeutic agents (e.g. enzymatic debriders, gels, dressings, etc.) and necrotic tissue. Do not perform sharp wound debridement prior to sample collection.

2. Ensure that complete hemostasis has been achieved before obtaining the specimen.

3. Apply additional saline to the wound area to be swabbed, such that the area is visibly moist. Care should be taken not to flood the wound with excessive saline. Avoid pooling of saline.

4. Avoid swabbing areas that contain blood, necrotic material, thick slough or fibrinous tissue.

5. Press the head of the swab flat against the base of the wound and gently roll it back and forth several times while applying pressure. Continue rolling the swab head until fully coated and discoloured (tan/yellow) by wound fluid.

Test the sample swab as soon as possible after collection.

Video footage kindly provided by SerenaGroup