Patients recruited for WOUNDCHEK™ Bacterial Status UK Clinical Trial

Date: Oct 1, 2019

Woundchek Laboratories are excited to announce that over 80 subjects have been recruited in a pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the clinical and economic effectiveness of testing chronic ulcers in primary care for bacterial protease activity (BPA) using WOUNDCHEK™ Bacterial Status. Woundchek Laboratories are sponsoring the study at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust supported by grants from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK and the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network.

WOUNDCHEK™ Bacterial Status, a point of care swab-based test, was CE marked in 2017 and can aid assessment of whether a wound may be non-healing due to bacterial pathogenesis and assist with appropriate patient management and treatment decisions. It represents true innovation in an area that has not changed significantly in many years and is a growing problem.

Jack Wilkens, CEO of Woundchek Laboratories commented ‘Chronic wounds present a large and growing cost to healthcare systems and adversely affect patient’s quality of life. We are confident that this study will demonstrate that use of WOUNDCHEK™ Bacterial Status to complement wound assessment will significantly improve outcomes for patients, improve system efficiency and lower costs.’