WOUNDCHEKTM Bacterial Status

Test Procedure

WOUNDCHEKTM Bacterial Status How to Use video

Remove test card from foil pouch just prior to use and lay it flat on the work surface.

Remove cap from Reagent bottle

Hold Reagent bottle vertically, 1 to 2 centimeters above the test card and slowly add five (5) free-falling drops of Reagent to the TOP hole.

Insert sample swab into the BOTTOM hole (in the middle of the green circle). Firmly push upwards so the swab tip is fully visible in the top hole.

Rotate swab shaft five (5) times clockwise to ensure that the sample is mixed completely with the Reagent in the well. DO NOT REMOVE SWAB.

Wait ten (10) minutes.

Peel off adhesive liner from the right edge of the test card. Close and securely seal the card.

Read test result in window five (5) minutes after closing the test card. Results read before 5 minutes or after 20 minutes may be inaccurate.

If the control line (C) does not appear, or background color interferes with the reading of the result, the test is invalid.

For all valid tests, interpret the results by looking for both a control line and a test line.

If there is a control line but no visible test line, the test result is negative.

If there is a control line and a test line, the test is positive even if the test line is faint.